Do you want to know more about the war you fight in? About how the aliens came to this planet and how you became the fish's best ally? You are in the right place.

Immerse yourself in the history of Bamblup protagonists and antagonists: learn all you wanted to know about the Bamblupers and the Svartanians.



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Bamblup Island, known as the most beautiful planet in the universe. Its name spread through galaxies, considered a legend among everyone. Was it real? Or was it Fantasy? Just a fairy tale to tell the kids before putting them to sleep? An actual paradise that every fish had dreamed of? If you ask a baby fish, it's probably gonna tell you that Bamblup Island is the most magical place ever, that it wants to go there when it gets older, and that it's 100% real. Adult fish will just look at you and say "it's just a fancy story, grown ups know it never existed". Well guess what? Adults are wrong.

Bamblup Island exists. It’s an island with palm trees, stainless sand and juicy fruits, surrounded by a gainer ocean full of colors. Being born there is the most amazing thing that could happen to a fish : the water is beautiful, shiny and clear, your neighbors are iridescent fish who always look different from one another, and you can collect the most glistening shells one has ever seen. But the most important thing about Bamblup, the one that makes the children dream and the adults roll their eyes in disbelief, is the magic.


Bamblup fish have always lived in harmony. No war, no commotion, no trouble seemed to be able to develop in the peaceful water. It is through this constant peace that they managed to develop their magic, using the natural forces around them. From generation to generation, they used their magic to make Bamblup Island an even better place. The ocean was cleared of any possible toxicity, adapted to any life form that there was, the colors were made brighter, they mastered elements, and they created crystals and portals, to make everything easier for everyone, without hurting their planet.


This could have stayed the same forever. A perfect, untroubled harmony. But their celebrity is what cost them their peace. Everyone had heard of them, even the svartanian cyberfish. And when those terrible aliens were in need for colors in order to keep their machines working, they created a portal, and invaded the bamblup sea.


For a little time, magic was enough to keep those strange, isolated aliens away from their colors. The svartanians weren't many, in the beginning, and they were disorganized, still dazzled by the discovery of a world far more colorful than their own. But slowly, they started to overcome the bamblupers. Some plants started to lose their colors before the fish were even close enough to chase away the enemy. They had never participated in a war, and they soon became the disorganized ones. Trouble stood ahead of them, and they didn't know how to save their world.


They sought help. The most powerful magicians gathered in a temple. They called upon all the magic around them and prayed. They drew a big circle, swam around it, and tried to summon a powerful being to guide them to victory. Their will was powerful, and so was the magic: a flashing light gleamed in the center of the circle and when it faded out, their savior had arrived.


They didn't know about human beings, but they believed that only good could come out of their prayers. They were happy to have this newcomer as a guide, thrilled to fight along and swim their way to victory.


They had to stop the invasion. And they had the perfect ally to succeed.


The Svartian galaxy was once a colorful, barely inhabited place. There were forests, lakes, and oceans, and there lived small fish and iridescent birds. The fish were not many and, being eaten by the birds, they tried to find ways to protect themselves and prevent their species from getting destroyed. They created a civilization, a technology. They worked, day and night, night and day, towards cybernetic evolution and, at some point, they managed to create themselves some armor.


But that was not enough. They didn't feel safe enough, even though the birds didn't want to attack them with their new protection. The leaders of the svartanian fish civilization wanted to make sure that no one would ever get hurt again. This is when the massive cybernetic expansion started.


New armors, robot limbs, more and more technology to the point that they became more machines than fish. Some of their technology was implemented as far as into their DNA. But it couldn't continue like that forever. With more and more cybernetic parts passed along from generation to generation, they started to need more and more energy. The solar captors they created were no longer enough, they started to feel weak, and it was too late to reverse the process. Baby svartanians were born with cybernetic limbs and bodies, they had to find a way to get more energy, and prevent their civilization from imploding.


One genius inventor got the idea that saved them: looking at the birds and all their colors, she figured that all of those were not just aesthetics. "There must be a way to use them", she thought, "colors are in this world for a reason!" And then she started to theorize. Just like her ancestors before her, she worked all day and all night until she finally got what she wanted: the key to use colors as a reliable source of energy. She gathered all her fellow cyberfish to create the machine that would save their civilization.


The birds were the first target. From predators to prey, they lost all their beautiful colors, becoming white, grey and black. The unknown side effect was that in only a few days, they also became gloomy and sad. Was it because they loved their colors, bragged about them all day? That's what the fish thought, and they didn't consider it a warning sign. They hated the birds, after all, so why should they care?


Little did they know that their genius creation was so needy. They continued modifying their bodies, confident in this eternal source of energy, or so they thought. It lasted a long, long while. The gloomy birds stopped flying, the oceans turned grey, the forests started fading and the cyberfish went on with their technology. Until one day, the source started to struggle.


No more colors in the galaxy? At least no more it could find. The panic spread again among the cyberfish population. What could they do? Were they doomed because their source of energy was dying? Their world was a greyish planet, their galaxy lost almost all of its colors, and the machine had to get them further and further away. Their only hope resided in the hand of another inventor.

Fascinated by the stories about Bamblup Island, that he had heard as a kid, the inventor started to work on their savior invention. He created a door, the biggest door he could. He plugged cables, lights, buttons, counted a few equation and, finally, it was here: the portal to survival. Other fish were scared, they weren't sure it could work, they feared it would just transport them in the middle of nowhere. But they were wrong. The few who tried at first found themselves in the magnificent, delightful colors of Bamblup Island. And once they told that, everyone wanted to follow them in.


That's when the war began.


Bamblup Island has always been filled with magic, but the fish couldn't wield it from the start. At first, they were just ordinary fish, and the magic was only around them, not in them. It colored the wave, juiced up the fruits and cleared the sky.


One day, a small group of [name orange] fish happened to find a crystal in the sand. It was a green, harmless crystal that they dug out of there. Seeing how beautiful it was, other fish suggested to expose it and keep it in the spotlight. They found a place in the coral biome always illuminated by a ray of sunlight, and they put it here, on top of a pillar.


Day after day, the crystal charged up with sunlight, that went through the magical water. Thus, it charged up with magic in the process. At some point, it started to shine on its own, night or day. This strange phenomenon was noticed by a [name] fish, swimming by in the middle of the night. Curious and intrigued by this supernatural light, he went close to it and was suddenly bathed in light himself.


The fish shined for three days straight, and everyone asked him question, but he didn't want to answer anyone. He wanted to stay special. When he stopped glittering, frustrated, he told everyone he was gonna go back to the crystal to get the light again, and that's how they figured out. All of them wanted to shine, and to feel special, so they all went there at the same time. The great number of fish swimming around agitated the water so much that the crystal broke, and the magic it had charged up with just spread all around it. Every fish was touched by it.


This is when things started to change in an unpredictable way. The fish first changed colors. Their fins and scales lost their natural tint for a new one, varying from one to another. None of them knew what that meant, but they were just happy to look different. It took time for any of them to realize that they could now bend elements. But suddenly, one day, water started to heat up around a [name] fish, for no apparent reason. Yet, he didn't feel the heat.


Many other incidents like this one happened before the fish started to become better at wielding the magic that was granted to them. They started to learn on they own, then to teach to the ones who were a little less advanced in the process. Through caring and training, they all improved their skills.


From working on their own to working together, they soon became the magical, elemental fish that wander the Bamblup oceans today.

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