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All fish have feelings, every one of them deserves a little part of history. Or are you here to learn more about the places they live in? The multiples underwater biomes where fish can swim freely, enjoy life and have fun every single day?

Whatever and whomever you're here for, you will find everything you need here. Whether it's your allies or your enemies you want to learn more about, this is the right place to look for it.



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The svartanians are the inhabitants of the Svartian galaxy. They feed of colors and they attacked Bamblup Island.

Gucks are the most common svartanians. They have the most ordinary of all genetic modifications, and their armor is one you can see pretty often. They swim around, collect colors, fight fish: a regular cyberfish day. Although other svartanians call them "ordinary", they all pretend to be unique.



Kosito are the "cutest" kind of cyberfish. Cute, cute, cute, this is what they hear all the time. But apart from the aesthetics of their cyber-enhancements, their genes also carry a potential for intelligence. Oh, they are no geniuses, but they have pretty good common sense and abilities in general. They are cute and smart, and value the second most.



Eilselz are warriors. Most of their cybernetic abilities are especially for combat. They are strong, skilled, they know how to dominate their enemies. They are the svartanians that care the most about their fight against the bamblupers, and the ones that see the newcomer as a real threat to their quest.



Dockplas, the geniuses. All the great svartanian inventors share those abilities. Their brains are cyberneticly enhanced to think outside the box and be way smarter than any other cyberfish. But with this intelligence also comes a big ego: they are pretentious and proud. That doesn't make them less worthy enemies, though. Careful.



Bunkeflos are the ruling class. All kings, queens and governors of the svartanian civilization share the same DNA implants. They're generally stronger, smarter, they have better abilities than the average cyberfish. They are less specialized than the other, but the distribution of their abilities and skills makes them the strongest enemies one can run into.




The bamblupers are the residents of Bamblup Island. Colorful fish using magic, fighting against aliens.

[Name] are rapid fish. They enjoy waves, but they love current more than anything: it makes them super fast, and they can swim at top speed without being stopped by anything. They just looove going fast. Once they're started, no one can stop them: they can swim and swim until they are too tired to do so.

[Name] are really good at hiding. Actually, they are the biggest hide and seek players in Bamblup Island. They enjoy swimming in dark, weird or narrow areas so that no one will find them. Their fins sure help them do so, as the shape is perfect to feel their environment and blend within it.

[Name] are great magic wielder. It just seems to run through their body: magic is easier for them than for the other fish. Whatever elements they are bound with will obey their thinnest desires. It could have been tricky and dangerous if they weren't so passionate and good at it. But if you listen to any of them, magic is so fun and so interesting that they won't stop learning more and more about it.

[Name] are simple fish: they find themselves perfectly happy doing nothing but swimming all day. They are super friendly and like to spend time with other fish. They love simple things, some of them collect lots of shells, others swim back and forth through bubbles, and other just chill next to rocks. They don't really like big physical activities and hard thinking, their favorite thing to do is stay cool and talk with friends.

[Name] are common fish. They like lots and lots of various things, but they don't seem to have a big passion. They like waves, bubbles, digging or hiding in the sand, having a small collection of shells, looking at crystals, swimming through seaweeds... But it's pretty rare to meet one that is gonna be super excited about a particular thing. Maybe they didn't find what drives them yet.


The biomes are the different environments and worlds around Bamblup Island, where fish evolve.

Home biome: It's the most well-known biome, the one you hear about in the stories, see in the books. Colorful like the rest of Bamblup island, it is filled with shiny rocks, shells and plants, and fish like to hang out here, meet their friends, have a nice cozy time. It's a sweet region, with delightful, peaceful color shades to please the eyes and be relaxed.

Coral biome: If you want diversity, whether it is in the seascape or in your neighbors, you are in the perfect place. Corals and colors unfold around you in this idyllic place. The feeling is one of its kind. It's like being encompassed by a moving rainbow, ruffled by the gentle waves caressing the seaweeds.

Alien forest biome: Blueish colors, glowing surroundings : this forest is one of the most peaceful biomes existing. Everything is a little shiny, colors are appeasing, you can get this warm feeling just by being in the middle of it. Swimming here is like swimming though the stars.

Twisted forest biome: This place has always been weird. No one knows exactly why, but the see weed has twisted shapes, the rocks have strange colors and everything looks... well, kind of crazy. Dark, red-tone colored seascapes open around you, and if you look closely, you can notice fire fish swimming and dancing. This is the place where they feel the most at home.


The ingredients are collectibles that you can find in the Bamblup ocean and use to charge up crystals with magic.

Air Shell: A shell filled with the power of clouds, cyclones and breeze. A strong air magic flow within it, and can be use for spells and crystal. The extent of its power are still unknown.

Earth Shell: A shell filled with the power of rocks, dust and plants. Its powerful earth magic can be transferred into crystals and used to cast spells. Who knows what you could create with it?

Fire Shell: A shell filled with the power of flames, ashes and blaze. It is infused with an intense fire magic that can be used in crystals and spells. It is said to be key to powerful creations.

Water Shell: A shell filled with the power of foam, waves and currents. The water magic within it comes from the ocean surroundings and can be transferred to crystals and spells, should you know how to use it. Possibilities are endless.

Flower fruit: A fruit found in one of the various underwater flowers. It can be used to create basic crystal or eaten by fish. They seem to like the taste quite a lot.

Kelp fruit: A big swollen fruit found in the kelp by the curious or the adventurous who dares swim through it. It tastes like strawberries and is really appreciated by some fish, while other only view it as a potential ingredient for their magic.

Ground growing fruit: A strange fruit that can sometimes be found in the grass. If you could taste it, you would notice a similarity with dark chocolate. Is it why the fish would rather use it to charge up crystals instead of eating it? Who knows.

Silver Fruit: A fruit that can sometimes be found in the plants of the coral biome. It's shiny, colorful and fish love it. They tried to cultivate some but it seems like it can only grow as a wild berry. Otherwise, its magic fades off and it can't be used to charge up crystals. It also tastes really less good.

Gold Fruit: A magnificent fruit as beautiful as the ocean itself. Its taste is legendary among fish, and its magic can be used to create powerful spells and crystals. But you' have to be lucky enough to find it first, because it does not grow on every seaweed.

Diamond Fruit: A really, really rare fruit. Most fish don't even see one in their whole life. It is glittering and filled with a lot of magic. Legend says that eating it could give you super-powerful magic power, but the fish are too scared that it's dangerous, and they'd rather control it through their crystals.